NIB Leadership March 2015 - Department of Health - National Information Board Webcasts


Welcome to the National Information Board webcast. This webcast will be taking place at 11:15 am on 4th March 2015.


1. Welcome and Introductions - Tim Kelsey

2. Minutes of Leadership meeting held on 9 December 2014 and matters arising Paper Ref: NIB 0403-001 - Tim Kelsey

3. Chair's Overview - Tim Kelsey

4. Update from Informatics Accountable Officer - Will Cavendish

5. Digital transformation of healthcare in China Dr Zhang Feng's Biography: NIB 0403-002 - Dr Zhang Feng (People's Republic of China)

6. Personalised health and Care 2020: Using Data and Technology to Transform Outcomes for Patients and Citizens - A Framework for Action - Tim Kelsey,  Rebecca Chaloner, Jon Rouse, Jonathan Marron, Rob Tinlin, Paul Bate, Una O'Brien, Mark Davies, Andy Williams

7. Discussion/question and answer session - Board papers - Una O'Brien, Tim Donohoe, Andy Williams

8. Driving uptake of digital mental health apps - Helen Rowntree

9. Independent Information Governance Oversight Panel Update Paper Ref: NIB 0403-014 - Professor Martin Severs

10. Any Other Business


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